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15 October 2011

'The Monsters & the Critics & Other Essays' by J. R. R. Tolkien

"Cool look at Tolkien's interests and passions as an academic; where his curiosity lay?"

My favorite lecture is 'Fairies and Elves' followed by the one about invented languages.  The lectures themselves were entertaining especially when he spoke about himself.

Amongst the lectures Tolkien discusses fatherhood and what to read to your children.  Amazing view!  A man so blind to women was quite able to view children as intelligent humans, whole beings with views and tastes; in one word, discernment.  I was surprised that his views on children’s intelligence and curiosity were so open and positive, since his view of women in his body of work often lacked depth.  Women were not worth exploring beyond their God given role?  That is, passive and platonic.

I am a fan of Tolkien's fiction and I read this book as an introduction to Tolkien, the academic.  I was not disappointed.

J.R.R. Tolkien
ISBN: 9780261102637
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  1. Hey =)
    deepest thanks and congrats !!
    As always .. love to know n hear bout what u read n how u preceived them ..
    funny! "children as whole beings " is something thats been occurring to me often in the past couple of days ...