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16 October 2011

'1222' by Anne Holt

This locked room mystery is fun

My first instinct is to cheer a woman who does not get physical in order to kick ass.  This locked room mystery is fun.  The protagonist is intelligent, sensitive and cynical.  Physical circumstances did not compromise her freedom of choice to act, to think, to solve a problem or even to make or not make friends.

I worry about women depicted as cooperative and quietly intelligent; women that should not put themselves forward or heaven forbid, be more intelligent than the men around them.  Discretion is the only tool available to this crime stopping woman.  Not crime fighting.  Women don't fight crime like men do, they stop it.  I like a grumpy, closed, uncompromising protagonist.  It feels true to her life and physical circumstances.  Women often have to apologize for having ambition, or lacking social graces, even in literature.  It is a shallow view of women, and too often untrue. 

The book itself did not take me long to read and some of it was predictable, but I was not expecting Pulitzer material.  I had fun and it did not ruin my tea.  Moreover, I read it in Summer and it is refreshing to read about a massive blizzard in the heat.

ISBN: 9781848876095

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