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14 June 2012

Terry Pratchett presents "Miss Felicity Beedle's The World of Poo" a Discworld Delight for Readers of All Ages


There are entirely too many funny moments in this book for it's length.  Poo is certainly an unappreciated topic.  As a kid I used to read stories and wonder why no one used the toilet.  Especially those "run through the woods hunted by bad guys for days" books.  I mean, they must GO eventually and so must the bad guys, presumably.  I always felt that as you are squatting and thinking about the nearest suspicious leaf, it would be the ideal moment for an ambush.  Or the good guys could ambush the bad guys's tracker! etc.  Never happened though.

In this book everybody goes, except the grandmother, of course.  She only recommends the constant cleaning of hands.  Along the way some wonderful information is shared with the reader.  Pratchett and Miss Beedle manage to educate the reader in the most furtive way possible and given the topic this is a feat.  That one piece of information on a page that I am certain must be made up, when researched and backed up by footnotes, turns out to be based entirely on facts.  Life is weird and poo is weirder or at least our treatment of it.  I love it.

I looked about for a boy of the appropriate age to gift this jewel to and found him.  I can't wait to be able to discuss this book with someone who can read it in the right spirit. Maybe I'll suggest he read it in the bathroom.  It might be inspiring.  God knows reading in the w.c. is one of my favorite hobbies.  Though I should leave books and magazines in the hall to entertain and distract anyone that may be waiting... and waiting..

Scatological humor is rare in this day of sophistication and subtlety.  Not to be confused with eschatological humor which refers to the apocalypse... though in my family the dangerous combination of peaches and beer is notorious for having produced such a smell and deluge in the loo that eschatological jokes came to mind i.e. it is precisely what the end of the world would smell like.

Terry Pratchett 
ISBN: 9780857521217