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27 August 2012

'I Still Dream About You' by Fannie Flagg

Too many years ago, I saw a lovely movie titled 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe'.  The book was promoted around the same time and so I read it.  Through the years since, I have continued to read Fannie Flagg.  Recently, I hadn't seen anything new though and was getting worried.  Then I spot it while book hunting for a friend.  'I Still Dream About You' is a sweet story about a life worth living and of course, tied to this question, a dream worth pursuing?

Fannie Flagg loves the American South.  All the contradictions, genteel traditions and violence are somehow combined to create a warm and welcoming book.  I  feel I have been acquainted with long lost Alabama relatives.  Her characters become family with all the intimacy and mystery that 'family' implies.  Intimacy, I think, is self explanatory but I will try to explain what I mean by mystery.

When someone is close to me, I become aware of motivations, desires and denials that are alien to me.  In essence, I feel privileged to be shown a new part of a person I love, but as I eagerly look I become aware of other doors left closed. Not because my loved ones are selfish but because that is the nature of humans.  How many of us have acted in ways that are inexplicable even to ourselves?  Loved something or someone without, seemingly, an act of will?  As Woody Allen said "I'm astounded by people who want to 'know' the universe when it's hard enough to find your way around Chinatown."  Well, as a metaphor I feel it works equally well for my own mind and the minds of others.

Ok, I could keep going but I hope you get the idea.  Fannie Flagg is excellent at letting me feel welcome in a home; I get to know new friends and then begin to sense the true mystery that is every individual for good or bad.  I like the sense of depth and roundness this mystery gives her characters.  The fact that a a sense of humor runs right through the middle of it is especially satisfactory.  The better I get to know her characters the more I laugh and the more interesting they become.

'I Still Dream About You' is full of these real people that inspire, confuse, grow and conquer (their own regrets).

Fanny Flag
ISBN: 9781400065936


  1. Anonymous09:30

    hi miriam,
    the fannie flagg i remember was on television quite often. she was a celebrity panelist on a few game shows (60's and/or 70's?) as i remember. yeah, i know i am dating myself. she was always a smart funny quick witted regular on the old game shows.
    i have suggestion for a read for you. i just read "The Highest Tide" by jim lynch. it is a nice little coming of age story. the whole story takes place in an area probably not much larger than a square mile. major change from the jason bourne book i read just previously.
    keep writing,

    1. Fannie Flagg's age is exactly why I was worried she wasn't writing anymore! She still has the magic....

      Thank you for the suggestion, I will add it to my list.

      glad you are feeling better...


  2. Anonymous10:20

    gracias miriam.
    "remember, if people are talking behind your back, you are two steps ahead." - fannie flagg. she will be 71 this month. and you probably know she wrote a few other books. she also had a cpl comedy albums but you would need to be familiar with newsworthy american ladies of the 60's and 70's to get full benefit of her comedy. no offense intended of course, because i know you are much too young to have firsthand knowledge in this area. and yes i did a yahoo search, i do remember quite a bit about her tv career. but wanted to know more about her. women with intelligence and sense of humor are very attractive to me.
    keep writing,

  3. I have read several of her books. She pops into my life whenever things are a bit tough. Her books are funny and life affirming. I hope she has at least 20 years to go.